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I am always drawn to performers. When all the hard work, study, and practice is infused with personality and real, genuine passion, it is joy to view. National act or bar star, here are some images of art in action!
IMG_2029 copy (1)CDB 586CDB 716Toadlick2013-300-Edit-Edit-EditCollective Soul-211-Edit-EditCollective Soul-281-Edit-EditForeigner-16-Edit-EditForeigner-130-Edit-EditForeigner-289-Edit-EditHeart-526-EditZac Bown Jax-436-Edit-EditKeb Mo-179-Edit-EditMother's Finest PC-222-Edit-EditMother's Finest PC-368-Edit-EditMother's Finest PC-486-Edit-EditMother's Finest PC-439-2-Edit-EditBFI at the Roxy ATL-11BFI at the Roxy ATL-219Roots and Boots-304-Edit-EditRoots and Boots-351-Edit-Edit